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    PP-RPipe series
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    PE-RTPipe series
    PESpecial pipe series buried well
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    Water source heat pump units
    Air source heat pump
    All-in-one efficient changes in temperature
    Fan coil units

 Hebei RongFu of special equipment co., LTD

Contacts:Meng manager

The phone:0317-3583837

A mobile phone:15930789525


Address:Hebei cangzhou liberation destination200M


     Hebei RongFu of special equipment co., LTD. Is a set design、Development、Manufacturing、Sales and service in a body's large-scale comprehensive enterprise。Company is mainly engaged inPPRTube、PE-RTFloor heating tube、Plastic tubing、The production of pipe fittings,Environmental protection boiler、Producer gas generator、The pressure vessel、Water(The ground)Source heat pump、Water treatment equipment、High pressure water supply equipment、Environmental protection equipment、The design of the chemical equipment、Manufacture and installation;Pressure piping、Heating of the heat engineering installation and maintenance。
  Hebei RongFu of special equipment co., LTD. Is located in cangzhou, hebei province jie to big jiazhuang industrial park,With104National highway、307National highway、The beijing-shanghai expressway、Stone yellow high-speed、Adjacent to the beijing-shanghai railway,The transportation is convenient。
  The company issued by the state quality supervision, inspection and quarantine“Special equipment installation maintenance license(The boiler)”;
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Contacts:Meng manager    The phone:0317-3583837   A mobile phone:15930789525   Address:Hebei cangzhou liberation destination200M

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