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    Xi 'an xin SAN industry &trade co., LTD since1998Years since its founding,Has been adhering to the“Strives for the survival by the quality,To the credibility of development”The management idea,Wholeheartedly for the general new old customers with high quality、Low price of all of them are all kinds of chemical products and quality services,After years of development management,The current has formed close stable supply sales network channels。

    The main:Ethyl acetate,Toluene,Xylene,Glacial acetic acid,,Chromium anhydride,Ethanol,Methanol,Butyl acetate,N-butyl alcohol,Butanone,,Phenol,Paraformaldehyde,Cyclohexane,Cyclohexanone,Piece of alkali,Solvent oil,Normal propyl acetate。

    Sincerely look forward to the broad masses of old and new customers to inquire。

Address:Xi 'an lotus lake district daxing west road301Number

The mailbox:xaxsgm@126.com




Wang Huaizheng:13571490147

Zheng Yong:13669291074

Xi 'an xin SAN industry &trade co., LTD. Main business:Ethyl acetate,Toluene,Xylene,Glacial acetic acid,Acetic anhydride,Chromium anhydride,Ethanol,Methanol,Butyl acetate,N-butyl alcohol,Butanone,Acetone,Phenol,Paraformaldehyde,Cyclohexane,Cyclohexanone,Piece of alkali,Solvent oil,Normal propyl acetate。

The mailbox:xaxsgm@126.com  Address:Xi 'an lotus lake district daxing west road301Number  Fax:029-84520960 

Contacts:Zheng Yong      A mobile phone:13669291074

Contacts:Wang Huaizheng    A mobile phone:13571490147

Contacts:Shao      A mobile phone:13609182283

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