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    Prohibition was founded in1997Years7Month,Is approved by the environmental protection bureau of guangdong province of hazardous waste management unit,Hold《Hazardous waste operating permit》(Card number:4419120109)。The site is located in shijie town, dongguan city,,Is the first batch of guangdong province of hazardous waste management qualification。To expand the scale of operation,2010Years moved to ma chung town ma industrial zone,The factory covers an area of5.5Million square meters,Processing16600Tons/Years。Configure the advanced facilities of hazardous waste processing equipment and laboratory analysis。Dongguan city, is the only with cyanide waste and annealing tin fluid processing technology and operation qualification of enterprises。Is currently the dongguan area is the largest、Most types of hazardous waste processing base。

    2012Years5By the monthISO9001Quality management system、ISO14001Environmental management system、OHSAS18000Three occupational health and safety management system certification of acceptance,And obtain certification,Push the company full operation towards a higher goal。

    The company in the process of operation,Gradually formed“Take the customer as the center、To have a striver、Enhance management efficiency”Corporate culture and as a standard of all inspection work,Continuously improve in customer service,Pursuing new and change in processing technology。Deadline2014Years12Month,Our cooperation more than customers3000Home。

    Yu feng environment in the process of development,Attaches great importance to technological innovation and improvement of the process,Research and development testing center strategy under the guidance in the company,Worked out“To strengthen the scientific and technological innovation,Cultivate the core technology;Based on the process optimization,Improve disposal ability。”The functions of positioning。2007Establish cooperation relations with process research institute of Chinese academy of sciences,2008Years with south China university of technology to establish the scientific research cooperation and directional training mechanism,2014Years10Month and establish scientific research cooperation division China nuclear power research institute。

    My company after more than 10 years of operation,Has accumulated rich experience in hazardous waste treatment,Training professionals in the field a batch of hazardous waste,To form the strong ability of services in the field of hazardous waste treatment,Established in dongguan in the pearl river delta as the center radiation hazardous waste collection network。The company's future will take the market as the center、With technology as the guide,Towards standardization、Intensive、Large-scale direction。2013Establish strategic cooperative relations with Germany, mandy, and sign《Letter of intent for cooperation》。2014Signed with Thornton《Strategic cooperation agreement》,A strategic partnership。

    2014Years6In my company to plan to add incremental expansion project—Venous industry complex projects,This is the first time by our company put forward a new concept of industry。Post-processing scale will reach the completion of the project26.5Ten thousand tons/Years,Processing range21A broad categories32Kind of193A process source of hazardous waste,Cover produce waste type in the process of industrial production98%The above。The complex also set industrial tourism、Science and technology research and development、The electronic commerce、Environmental emergency rescue、Environmental protection, such as creative industries industry as a whole。









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