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       Guan Jane auspicious ShengLingZhi technology co., LTD(Auspicious thatched cottage,Consultation:0635-5616618)Founded in May 2018,Relying on guan DianZi Town planting base of ganoderma lucidum,DianZi Town ganoderma lucidum characteristic town in shandong province government approval to support,Planting has been DianZi Town ganoderma lucidum30Years of history,In line with“Honest and trustworthy、Services to farmers、Pioneering spirit、The development of the economy”The aim of the,The company is growing stronger,Become a collection of ganoderma lucidum cultivation production、Processing、Purchase and sale in a body's comprehensive agriculture leading enterprise,At present, the company has management personnel10People,Science and technology personnel20Many people,Employees50Many people。Running for consumer is supreme management idea,Strive to offer better products and services for consumers。The company perennial production of ganoderma lucidum slice,GLS,Ganoderma lucidum bonsai,Ganoderma lucidum,The wall ganoderma lucidum GLS,Become shandong guan ganoderma lucidum industry culture,And even the national demonstration base。

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Auspicious thatched cottage in spirit Cheese ganoderma lucidum treasures  Nourishing health

This product to the ground Raw gold field——Guan DianZi Town ganoderma lucidum industry survey
Rural revitalization,Industry is the key。   The one big characteristic of ganoderma lucidum production is guan DianZi Town industry。Cultivation of ganoderma lucidum in DianZi Town nearly thirty years of cultivation history。DianZi Town has been named the provincial agriculture department of“Edible fungus production base”,Named by the Chinese academy of sciences“Industrialized production base of ganoderma lucidum”。Ganoderma lucidum by the national ministry of agriculture from the presumed“Pollution-free agricultural products”,By general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine awarded national geographical indication protection products。2017Years,Approved by the shandong province“Ganoderma lucidum town”,Be approved last year in the city one of the two features of small town。Leading industry benefit one party   In recent days,Reporter a row over the DianZi Town

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This product to the ground Raw gold field——Guan DianZi Town ganoderma lucidum industry survey
Guan ganoderma lucidum culture industrial park
Tender cancer drugs:Ganoderma lucidum
Ganoderma lucidum how to eat the best effect
Ganoderma lucidum growth habit
The identification method of ganoderma lucidum

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