Gaoyou Toyota pesticide co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery,Concentration of cultural city~Kratos in gaoyou grand canal bank island town on the east side road85Number,Water and land transportation is very convenient。
         Enterprise public facilities,Strong technical force,Advanced detection means,Best-selling products at home and abroad market,Is the collection of pesticide production and processing、Research and development and electronic、Plastic production is a body comprehensive enterprise。Pesticides24%New treasure to ec and31%Long spirit ec countries won the eighth consecutive respectively.... 
Sincerely cooperation partner
2013Preparation of pesticide industry30Strong work at the same time
High temperature hot glyphosate concept The xin shares8On the door even seven Yang
Local outages frequency now Hunger marketing push up chemical
“2013BBS glyphosate industry development”In7Month17Smooth convening in jinan, shandong
7Month15Domestic market dynamic liquid ammonia
Compound fertilizer summer market shop goods end at the local level
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