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Our company office address is located in nanjing, jiangsu province,In2004Years03Month09In liuhe district, nanjing city, reed Lu Ying street east shao group was established,The registered capital is1008Wan,In the company's development15In the year,We always provide comprehensive support to our customers、A sound pre-sale、Sale and after-sales service,Our company is mainly engaged in metal locker,Mobile shelves,We have the professional team of dense data products,The company is nanjing stainless steel and metal products industry well-known enterprises,If you are interested in my company's dense data,Look forward to your online message or to inquire。

In this company2004Years03Month09Day was registered,The company's registered capital1008(Ten thousand yuan),Located in liuhe district, nanjing city Lu Ying reed street east shao group。We are a professional shelves are manufacturers,Has been adhering to the user needs as the core,Through professional level and unremitting efforts,Make sure to provide good support、A sound after-sales service,Help customers solve problems and difficulties in developing。Welcome to leave a message or contact us,For more details。

The company business scope:In jiangxi provinceAnhui provinceShaanxiChongqingInner MongoliaZhejiangIn heilongjiang provinceTaiyuanSichuan provinceChengdeNingxiaGuangdongTibetTianjinYunnan provinceGuangxiQinghaiHubeiQinhuangdaoDatongGuizhouJi LiZhangjiakouHandanIn gansu provinceHengshuiYangquanShanxiShanghaiLangfangFujianHenanXingtaiHebeiJiangsuTangshanHainanXinjiangCangzhouBaodingShijiazhuangIn hunan provinceLiaoningBeijingShandong

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