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    Our company is a professional manufacturer of power equipment,The main products are power transformer、High and low voltage complete sets of equipment、Box-type substation、Pv type box、Wind box and technology import and export business,Is briefed as one of the joint-stock export-oriented enterprises。

Shandong HengYun electric appliance co., LTD

    Our company not only research and development、Production of environmental protection equipment,And is committed to do environmental steward around you,Adhering to the“Customer first、The service is supreme”Aim to provide you with a complete set of scheme of environmental governance。Our company contracts the bag、Filter cartridge、Pulse equipment replacement、Maintenance、Maintenance and upgrading of the old equipment、Environmental protection equipment combination of photovoltaic power generation、Waste heat recovery、Maintenance, etc。

Texas le environmental protection technology co., LTD

   Our company is a professional manufacturer of welding materials。Products covered by the co2 gas shielded welding wire、Flux-cored wire、Submerged arc welding wire, etc,Used for Bridges、The ship、The pressure vessel、Rolling stock、Space、The oil、Offshore drilling platform、Port construction and military construction and other fields。

Texas hengyuan welding material co., LTD

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Texas hengyuan welding material co., LTD., called the wise men
Texas hengyuan welding material co., LTD2018In the recruitment brochure                               We are looking for you!!!!A、Hiring and demands serial number assignment work1Workshop sewing worker three shifts,Wages3500—6000,The age requirement20Years old—45Years old,A healthy body。(Provide air conditioning apartment,Have a meal)The canal industrial park2Accounting independently using financial software(Gold abacus),Familiar with financial work flow,Specific cash、The cashier、Cost accounting related working experience is preferred canal industrial park3Technical personnel
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Submerged arc positions
Accompanied by submerged arc welding wire expansion of market space,Capacity is growing,Submerged arc welding wire become hengyuan welding materials business growth,To promote the business of submerged arc two prosperous production and sales,Following welding materials industry development,Based on the principle of win-win cooperation,Looking for amateur submerged arc welding wire for group business of sales staff members,Relevant matters are as follows:A、Scope of application:The group two employees、Sales of products:Submerged arc welding wire for three、Sales policy:1、The price of specified by the company uniform,Every tons of commission20Yuan/Tons,Beyond the normal price beyond the full amount of the part70%。2、Developed by the customer long-term protection、Retained,Once and for all。Four、
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Hengyuan welding materials
Hengyuan welding materials co., LTD., founded in Texas2008Years3Month,The registered capital1258Ten thousand yuan,Located in dezhou city, shandong province economic development zone industrial park in the canal,The transportation is convenient。My company is a professional manufacturer of welding materials,Products covered by the co2 gas shielded welding wire、Flux-cored wire、Submerged arc welding wire, etc。
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