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  Liyang learn superfine powder technology co., LTD. Is located in the town of liyang city south crossing the old county industrial park,Away from the hangzhou high speed、Yang Li high speed、Often Li high-speed exit5Km,Liyang new north river1Kilometers,Throughout the year104National highway,Water and land transportation is very convenient,Is a integrated research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of joint-stock enterprises.The company sets of vertical mill automation production equipment imported from Taiwan,The introduction of Germany、The laser particle size and other testing equipment,Installed the domestic advanced dust removal、Dust environmental protection equipment,Main production superfine(The activation)Heavy calcium carbonate、Complex calcium、PVCSpecial calcium、Nano calcium and other high-end quality powder....
Company strength/production ability
• Corporate vision
Become the industry leading brands
• Corporate mission
Become the preferred base industry brand in China
• The enterprise values
1. People Ben        H – Humanity
Our effort is to make your life better!
2. Group Team        T – Teamwork
A group of like-minded friends happy to make a great cause!
3. Honestly The letter        I – Integrity
Be honest,Heavy to keep one's word!
4. Knot Fruit        N – No Excuse
Don't make excuses,To reach their goals!
5. Learning and innovation   N – Novel
Let's do it better!