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Chen Siwen

Wuhan divorce lawyer|Wuhan real estate property lawyer|Wuhan contract dispute lawyer - Wuhan professional divorce lawyer

 Chen Siwen lawyer,The communist party,Graduated from wuhan university, master of law(Civil and commercial law)Professional,The current Beijing wanshang day frequently(Wuhan)Marriage in the family, head of law firm,A former Beijing Pacific century(Wuhan)The core members of our law firm, company legal affairs。Chen Siwen lawyers work in the law denied for years,With profound legal theory foundation of basic skills and rich experience in practice case,Skilled negotiation skills、Thoughtful,To understand the principal contradiction in the pain and multifarious in the mood,Adopt flexible strategy and scheme in litigation,The damage caused to the parties and other losses to a minimum,In the interests of the parties for their own interests,Utmost to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties,Get the industry acclaim and praise,Success to deal with too many complex、Major civil and commercial cases。

   Chen Siwen lawyer who served as the hubei with much food science and technology co., LTD、Wuhan schwab's realty service co., LTD and hubei northeast of catering management co., LTD. The perennial legal adviser、Hubei more asset management co., LTD and wuhan huada dispute resolution - fai technology co., LTD、Labor personnel specific legal adviser,《Looking for the French open》、《Law express》、《Chinese lawyers channel》Such as special guest lawyer,Legal professional knowledge,The thought is agile, tight logic,Good at analyzing problems。Negotiated for long,All overdue payments related to take over the company、Second-hand housing sales contract dispute and so on,Before the procedure,Get a complete solution,In the most efficient way to maintain the interests of the parties。Good at writing instruments,Dealt with a lot of book business。

Good at field:Mainly engaged in corporate legal counsel、Engineering arrears、Contract dispute、Property dispute、Creditor's rights and debts、Marriage in the family、Labor disputes in legal field, etc,Has rich practical experience and a large number of successful cases。

Practice philosophy:Of people,Loyal person。Good method for the AD,Self-restraint of the word。

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Legal Knowledge

Rural land is owned by collectives,Including the hilly land、The homestead land, etc。Rural self-built housing sale is limited,Can only be sold to the same family name of the village the villagers,And shall not be traded outside the village villagers,So what are the precautions for farmer room to buy and sell?A、What are the precautions for farmer room to buy and sell(A)The theory of civil juristic act that the effectiveness of the rural building business contract has a guiding significance。In our country〈The general principles of the civil law〉... [For details]


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Media Reports

For poorer and housing demand of the consumer,Can consider to choose secondhand the room as a breakthrough point for the first time home buyers。 A few days ago,The reporter calls from many readers,About the lives and investment-oriented buyers,This year is the right time to purchase? Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks,Throughout last year's policy direction,This year's macroeconomic regulation and control policy has become increasingly clear,The price rise [For details]


The legal consultation hotline:18162631479

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