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Nanchang antique electric appliance co., LTD-Jiangxi OTT more electric co., LTD,The company was founded in2006And in2015Years1Month9In the small and medium enterprises listed on the stock transfer system formally,Be listed on the new three board the car manufacturing enterprise。The company is committed to become mobile refrigeration expert,Is specializing in the production of electronic in China、Portable compressor refrigerator manufacturers。Company products are widely used in automobile、The caravan、The ship、And the family,Is camping、Tourism、Raider buggies、The truck、A cruise ship、Ideal partner of hunting and other outdoor activities

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Mobile refrigeration expert—The car A refreshing summer

The mobile car refrigerator refrigeration expert - refreshing summer


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The car The car can be frozenThe car: The car can be frozen A、The car can be frozen Product introduction:General car refrigerator compressor,Using intelligent computer temperature control system,Digital temperature display in real time,Free setting temperature,Adjustable temperature range10~ -25℃
The car which is really good Teach you how to choose and buy the car The car is divided into two kinds,One is to refrigeration0℃Under the car,The second is called motor changes in temperature box、Electronic hot and cold boxes and other refrigeration effect is generally maintained at5℃The left and right sides,Not ice,For ice cream and so on need frozen goods can only be temporary storage,More than two types of call car refrigerator。The first trial when you buy the car,Then observe
The car to use?In fact the car because of its beautiful appearance,Practicality,So attention by all of us。But due to the high cost,So the car more equipment in the luxury car,The car in the rear seat behind the central armrest,Some models of the car is located in the front row below the central armrest
The car maintenance five tips1、In the hot food in the car before the small refrigerator,Should first put food for cooling,Because of the hot food in the car can make the refrigerator temperature rise,Increase power consumption。2、Reduce car small fridge/Cover open times and open time,Open the door seal during the period of cold air will leak


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