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Yichang saide chemical co., LTD

Yichang saide chemical co., LTD

  Yichang saide chemical co., LTDIs located in“The world's water and electricity”——The Yangtze river three gorges portal yichang,Is located in yichang tower Liao Jialin land stream。The company was founded in2000Years,Is a professional industrial coatings、Research and development of the paint、Production、Sales、Service in a body's modernized enterprise。
  In the company2004Years comprehensive introduction of the yichang three gorges QiChang and yichang beacon coating production technology co., LTD、Production personnel、Management personnel、Production equipment and the original famous brand in hubei province“Gao Lan”Brand,The company in the technology、Personnel、Equipment、Such as brand further improvement。Company technical force is abundant,Advanced production equipment,Strict management,Annual production capacity10000Tons。Companies to adopt marketing mode of the combination of direct selling and to sell goods on a commission basis,All meet the multi-level demand of the client。
  Company main products are:All kinds of polyurethane paint、Alkyd ready-mixed paint、Alkyd enamel、Alkyd quick-drying hammer paint、Epoxy zinc rich primer、Epoxy intermediate paint、Epoxy anticorrosive paint、Chlorinated rubber anti-corrosive paint、Amino baking enamel、Amino baking hammer paint、Weather resistance light car paint、Acrylic polyurethane paint、Aluminum powder paint、Acid and alkali resistant anticorrosive paint of the ship、Acrylic paint construction machinery,Wear-resisting fast GanDao Road marking paint、Ordinary epoxy floor paint、Self-leveling floor coatings、Weather resistance type acrylic polyurethane floor lacquer、Water-based paint color tile, etc。And it is specially for the customer high technical content、Small batch、Rare products with special requirements。
  The company in good faith innovation、The customer is supreme、Quality first and the concept of sustainable development,To carry out the science and technology is popular the factory、The development of the economy、The purpose of the service society,Fully comply with21The ecological environment and high quality life demand,Give full play to their talents、The advantage of technology and equipment,Strengthen the management、Hard work、Strive for perfection,We will do our best to provide the best quality service for the general customers。

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Yichang saide chemical co., LTD

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Specially for customers with special requirements of rare products

Alkyd resin paintEpoxy resin、Inorganic zinc rich paintChlorinated rubber resin paintAcrylic polyurethane paintFluorocarbon、Polysiloxane paintAmino baking varnishSpecial kind of paintWater-based paintFloor paint series
Epoxy floor engineering specification

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Yichang saide chemical co., LTD
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